Dr. Pillai’s New Year Program: Awaken Your Soul in 2024 | Premier


“This is a very crucial time. We have the chance for liberation at this time. We should accept that liberation. What’s important is the coming Golden Age. We should use it well.” — Dr. Pillai



Embark on a profound spiritual journey with a series of transformative sessions led by Dr. Pillai. Soul Awakening Day is a session where Dr. Pillai imparts divinely inspired guidance, designating it as a powerful day for soul awakening during the Golden Age. New Destiny Activation offers in-the-moment divine revelations to guide you in inviting divine support for your transformative journey.

In your Group Support Session with Mohini (Padma), delve into Dr. Pillai’s teachings, receive insightful strategies, and learn to integrate them into your daily routine. 

The “Gold Consciousness Fire Lab with Swarna Bhairavi” aligns with the Vedic Winter Solstice, marking the Spiritual New Year. Dr. Pillai underscores the significance of the Sun movement into Capricorn, which falls on a Sunday year, bringing in enhancing energy from the Sun. This session focuses on welcoming the Sun’s power with the support of Swarna Akarshana Bhairava, the gold-giving God.

What You Receive:

  • Soul Awakening Day: Session with Dr. Pillai 
  • New Destiny Activation: Session with Dr. Pillai 
  • 2 Mini Fire Labs with Dr. Pillai
  • Group Support Session with Mohini (Padma) 
  • Gold Consciousness Fire Lab with Swarna Bhairavi 
  • BONUS: 4 Weekly Group Immersion Sessions with Sucharita