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Full Moon of the Guru 2023: Fundamental


Experience a On – Demand Light Body initiation with Dr. Pillai on the Full Moon of the Guru, one of the most powerful times to connect with both living and ascended Gurus for heightened blessings. This is a special opportunity to access Dr. Pillai’s consciousness and blessings.

Turning the body into light is the ultimate Miracle, and I’m very committed to that. It has so many implications. It’s not just about turning the body into light. It’s all about understanding the speed of light, the speed of time, the speed of the space…The Guru Purnima time is the time for Miracles, the time to see Angels and work with them. Come and experience those Miracles, and be a witness unto yourself.” — Dr. Pillai

What You Receive:

  • Day 3: Light Body: Ultimate Goal of the Human Race |
    On-Demand Guru Purnima Initiation with Dr. Pillai