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Full Moon of the Guru 2023: Premier Payment Plan

$240.00 / month for 3 months

Experience a On-Demand Light Body initiation with Dr. Pillai on the Full Moon of the Guru, one of the most powerful times to connect with both living and ascended Gurus for heightened blessings. This once-per-year powertime offers a special opportunity to access Dr. Pillai’s consciousness.

Watch Dr. Pillai’s Karma-Clearing Pradosham Ritual & Hydration Ceremony and participate in a divinely-inspired teaching from Dr. Pillai. Learn how to apply Dr. Pillai’s teaching to your life through guidance from expert Pillai Center teacher, Mohini.

“Guru Purnima which means The Night of the Gurus is a time when the Gurus, who are eternally living, come down from the galaxies to the Earth plane to help human beings who are lost in their own mindset, educational system, and understanding. The word “Guru” means the remover of ignorance.” — Dr. Pillai

What You Receive:

  • Day 1: Soul-Cleaning | On-Demand Initiation, Karma Cleaning Hydration & Baptism with Dr. Pillai
  • Day 2: Divinely-Inspired Empowerment | 1 On-Demand Initiation with Dr. Pillai & 1 On-Demand Immersion Session with Mohini
  • Day 3: Light Body: Ultimate Goal of the Human Race | On-Demand Guru Purnima Initiation with Dr. Pillai