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Ganesha’s Birthday 2021: Premier


Join Dr. Pillai’s initiations during the number one archetype birthday of the year. These were commissioned by Ganesha himself through Dr. Pillai, especially for his 2021 birthday. You will have the opportunity to be there live during a peak time on Ganesha’s birthday selected by Dr. Pillai for maximum destiny-changing empowerment. 

“If you just worship only Ganesha that is enough. Even Gods worship him. This is my gift that I wanted to give to you during this auspicious Ganesha birthday.” – Dr. Pillai

What You Receive:

  • Dr. Pillai Ganesha Birthday Live Initiation & Fire Lab ($250)
  • Second to None Ganesha Initiation ($200) 
  • Instant Manifestation Ganesha Initiation ($200)
  • Golden Ganesha Initiation ($200)
  • Genius Ganesha Initiation ($200)
  • 4-Day Preparation Sessions ($100)
  • 4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls ($100)
  • Lifetime Access to All Content on Private Membership Site 
  • Private Facebook Group