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Ganesha’s Birthday 2022 | The Visible and Invisible Ganesha: Premier Payment Plan

$154.00 / month for 2 months

Learn the importance of the invisible (astral) and visible forms of Ganesha to access his energy in maximum abundance during his birthday powertime. These special ceremonies can help you transform your karma and your future.

“If you want to establish a connection with Ganesha, the best time is during his birthday. You will have more access to him.”  — Dr. Pillai

Join us in celebrating the #1 divine birthday of the year. Through special technology, you will have the opportunity to invoke the powerful blessings of Ganesha during peak times which can help you accelerate the realization of your goals, remove obstacles and karma in your life, and change your destiny for the better.

What You Receive:

  • 2-Hour Interactive Fire Lab and Chanting (Replay)
  • Dr. Pillai’s “Visible & Invisible Ganesha” Initiation & Sacred Candle Ritual (Replay)
  • Dr. Pillai’s Heramba Ganapati (Golden Ganesha) Initiation (Replay)
  • Dr. Pillai’s Mini Fire Lab & Sacred Candle Ritual (Replay)
  • 3-Day Live Karma-Dissolving Preparatory Sessions with a Teacher (Replay)
  • Lifetime Access to Program Content

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