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Ganesha’s Birthday 2023: Personalized All-Inclusive


“On Ganesha’s Birthday, there is a special energy that comes and allows you to get a great brain and an evolution towards a superhuman proportion where we can transcend our limitations. On this day, you can birth him in your own body, mind, and soul.” — Dr. Pillai

Celebrate Ganesha’s Birthday with a On Demand divinely inspired virtual initiation led by Dr. Pillai and a grace-invoking ceremony during Ganesha’s peak powertime for transformative blessings. Engage in a Fire Lab guided by Priestess Swamini Valli, invoking 12 Ganesha forms through empowered statues. 

Craft a clay Ganesha to absorb karma. Special clay Ganesha statues, filled with his energy, will be dissolved in the ocean on your behalf, symbolizing his sacrifice.

Experience personalized Ganesha Coaching with Senior Pillai Center Coach Sunny (Kalkidas), seamlessly integrating Ganesha’s support for accelerated goal achievement. Access Ganesha’s grace, enhance consciousness, align with Ganesha’s intelligence, and implement Dr. Pillai’s techniques for success.

What You Receive:

  • On Demand – Initiation with Dr. Pillai on Ganesha’s Birthday
  • On Demand – Group Interactive Fire Lab to Invoke 12 Ganeshas
  • On Demand – Karma Relief Workshop: Guided Creation & Dissolving of Clay Ganesha
  • 3 Weekly Personalized One-on-One Ganesha Coaching Sessions
  • Ganesha Yantra