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Ganesha’s Birthday 2023: Fundamental PAYMENT PLAN

$34.00 / month for 3 months

“On Ganesha’s Birthday, there is a special energy that comes and allows you to get a great brain and an evolution towards a superhuman proportion where we can transcend our limitations. On this day, you can birth him in your own body, mind, and soul.” — Dr. Pillai


On Ganesha’s Birthday, you will have the rare opportunity to join Dr. Pillai for a On Demand divinely inspired, virtual initiation, plus participate in a special ceremony to invoke Ganesha’s grace. This special session took place during Ganesha’s peak powertime when he descends to Earth, offering his powerful presence in abundance. This is a precious opportunity to access Ganesha’s intelligence, protection, and compassion with the potential to bring life-changing blessings into your life.

What You Receive:

  • On Demand – Initiation with Dr. Pillai on Ganesha’s Birthday