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Ganesha’s Birthday 2023: Premier


“On Ganesha’s Birthday, there is a special energy that comes and allows you to get a great brain and an evolution towards a superhuman proportion where we can transcend our limitations. On this day, you can birth him in your own body, mind, and soul.” — Dr. Pillai

On Ganesha’s Birthday, seize the rare chance to join Dr. Pillai for an On Demand inspired virtual initiation and partake in a unique ceremony invoking Ganesha’s grace during his peak powertime. This opportunity grants access to Ganesha’s intelligence, protection, compassion, and transformation. Experience an immersive Fire Lab led by empowered Priestess Swamini Valli, invoking 12 Ganesha manifestations through energetically infused statues.

Senior Teachers will guide you in molding clay into Ganesha’s form to absorb and dissolve your karma. Receive three Clay Ganesha-Dissolving Proxy Rituals, where statues filled with Ganesha’s energy absorb your stubborn karma, culminating in their dissolution in the ocean on his birthday.

What You Receive:

  • On Demand – Initiation with Dr. Pillai on Ganesha’s Birthday
  • On Demand – Group Interactive Fire Lab to Invoke 12 Ganeshas
  • On Demand – Karma Relief Workshop: Guided Creation & Dissolving of Clay Ganesha