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Golden Star Coaching Level 1


Dr. Pillai teaches that everyone needs a coach. The right coach can help you bridge the gap between your desires and their manifestation. Kalkidas has been personally blessed by Dr. Pillai and commissioned by him to make this program available to his students who are seeking major transformation.

Dr. Pillai recently gave his blessings to Sunny, whom he gave the spiritual name Kalkidas, to offer this new program to the Pillai Center Community. Kalkidas was trained by Dr. Pillai since 2010 to teach meditation and underwent extensive training and development under Dr. Pillai’s guidance to assist people in their transformation.

“Often it is difficult to do it by yourself. You need a coach.” – Dr. Pillai

What You Receive:

  • 8 Bi-Monthly Divinely Inspired Coaching sessions ($2,000 Value)
  • 4 Monthly Individual Birthstar Day Fire Labs for Shreem Brzee ($616 Value)
  • 1 Individual Astrology Consultation ($119 Value)
  • 4 Monthly Blessings Invocation Rituals by Kalkidas ($400 Value)
  • 4 Monthly Group New Moon Fire Lab for Goddess Angali and Kalki Karuppasamy ($144 Value)
  • 4 Monthly Group Full Moon Fire Lab for Goddess Lakshmi ($144 Value)
  • 1 60 Minute Personal Timeline Mapping ($300)

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