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Great Night of Shiva LIVE 2022: Fundamentals


The Great Night of Shiva is a once-a-year mega powertime. Dr. Pillai teaches that it is when Lord Shiva offers the gift of changing one’s destiny, beyond what their current karma supports. Dr. Pillai has commissioned this program, which he will be directly participating in, to help you make the most of this time.

“On this night, you can acquire the equivalent benefit of millions of years of meditation.” — Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai has an intimate connection with Shiva. Various Divine oracles and readings have revealed him to be a Shiva Satguru, or a being who embodies Shiva’s Divine consciousness. He has been inspired by Shiva himself to transmit initiations and perform sacred ceremonies on your behalf to help change your destiny during the Great Night of Shiva 2022.

What You Receive:

  • Destiny-Changing Teaching – Replay ($100 Value)
  • Mantra Initiation ($100 Value)
  • Shivalingam Hydration with Dr. Pillai – Replay ($100 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to All Content (Complimentary)