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Holy Spirit Immersion: Love of the Divine Feminine: Premier


Join Elaine Kueper for a 16-week immersion into 6 Goddess Archetypes, including bonus teachings on King Solomon. 

Live Your Highest Destiny with the Supreme Power of the Goddess

  • Experience profound communion with 6 Supreme Goddesses of the New Testament, Old Testament, Jewish mysticism, and Hinduism
  • Learn 8 key strategies for the greatest success and achievement from King Solomon, the wisest and richest man in the history of the world who obtained his wisdom and power from Lady Wisdom.

What You Receive:

1 Goddess Initiation from Dr. Pillai
Dr. Pillai will bless us with the opening initiation to the Divine Feminine.  As a Satguru who has fully realized the Divine, he has the profound power to ignite the Divine Feminine within you. This is the foundation of the blossoming of intimate communion and union with Mother and Father God.

8 Bi-Weekly Teaching Calls with Elaine
Master Pillai Center Teacher Elaine Kueper has been selected by Dr. Pillai to deliver bi-weekly sessions of this 16-week course. She has an intimate connection with the Goddesses and will be transmitting not only what she has learned from them and Dr. Pillai, but facilitating experiential sessions so that you too develop a relationship with the Goddesses to manifest a divine life. 

8 Bi-Weekly Practice Calls with Pillai Center Facilitator
A Pillai Center Facilitator will guide you in these sessions through a group practice of each of Elaine’s teaching sessions. Join to dive deeper into the meditations and practices using group synergy, and to share experiences and ask questions.

16 Weekly Holy Spirit Group Fire Labs with Beth
Beth has been identified by Dr. Pillai as someone with a gift for calling in Divine presence through the use of sacred fire ceremonies. Her fire labs are interactive. She will guide you how to participate from home so you can have a real-time experience of merging with the power of one of the 6 Goddesses which will be chosen based on your most recent teaching with Elaine.

Lifetime Access to Program Content
You will receive 24/7 lifetime access to all the program content, including:

  • All video recordings
  • Downloadable audios
  • Downloadable transcripts
  • Do-It-Yourself Daily Practice Guidelines
  • Supplementary teachings