Kala Bhairava’s Birthday Immersion: Fundamental


“Bhairava means the principle of creation, maintenance, and dissolution. He is the totality of time—the beginning, the middle, and the end. Bhairava is Shiva himself, who gives the supreme understanding of all possibilities of human consciousness. It is related to time because the faster time moves, the faster the mind moves. It should be incredibly fast, and Bhairava instantly manifests things for you.” — Dr. Pillai



Through his divinely-inspired initiation ceremony, Dr. Pillai will spiritually empower you with his Guru Consciousness to heighten your state of awareness, help you connect with Kala Bhairava’s abundant energy and understand his powers within your mind, body, and soul. 

Invoking Kala Bhairava through Dr. Pillai’s initiation can bring you his grace to bless you with instant manifestations, protection from all forms of negativity, new opportunities, time management skills, and overall prosperity.

What You Receive:

  • Dr. Pillai’s Anandha Bhairava Birthday Initiation – On Demand
  • Complimentary Deepam Fire Lab with Dr. Pillai – On Demand