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Living Ganesha

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Courses Included

OHM Maha Ganapataye Namaha Nirvignam Kuru Kuru 

Participate in 8 days of exclusive teachings & rituals for Ganesha’s 2020 Birthday from August 15 – August 22 with Dr. Pillai. 




In the Living Ganesha course, Dr. Pillai has been inspired to give 8 initiations to access 8 of Ganesha’s preeminent miracle-performing powers for Ganesha’s 2020 Birthday. By receiving these initiations, you have the opportunity to actualize these powers in your own life, including the:

  • Power of Gold (prana/money)
  • Power of time and space
  • Power of higher logic and instantaneous manifestation
  • Power of all Angels and Gods
  • Power of miracle-brain 
  • Power of the astral body (invisible world, chakras, astral travel)
  • Power of relationships
  • Power of karma removal

What You Receive in Living Ganesha Package

  • 8-Days of Daily Initiations for Ganesha’s Birthday ($800 Value)
  • 8 Days of Live Coaching & Community Engagement Calls ($168 Value)
  • Lifetime Access to All Content on Private Membership Site
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Savings on Ganesha Birthday Ceremonies (Up to $89 Value)
  • EARLY BIRD: Save additional $100 ($100 value)
  • EARLY BIRD: Ganesha 1,008 Mantra Writing ($60 value)


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