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Holy Spirit Immersion: Essentials


Receiving a Holy Spirit Anointing is key to accessing your God-Power, and the Holy Spirit Anointing Program delivers it to you. Experience a 12-Week immersion unlike any other for an opportunity to develop a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit Anointing Program was inspired by the Holy Spirit through the Divine Messenger, Dr. Pillai. The purpose of the program is to deliver unto you a life-transforming anointing and ways you can activate it to have the Holy Spirit help you in all your activities with supreme intelligence and efficient executing power. He will walk with you, advise you, correct you, and give you the right action, the right intelligence, at the right time.

What you will receive:

  • Replay of Easter Holy Spirit Anointing with Dr. Pillai 
  • 12 Weeks of Live Teaching calls with Elaine 
  • Lifetime Access to Program Content
  • Private Facebook Group for Program Members


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