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Mini Mystery School

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Courses Included

How to Develop a Super Mind, Diffuse Diseases and Solve Problems Miraculously

With New “Light-Frequency Technology” Revealed by Dr. Pillai

Making changes within starts with your body and mind. If you can control your body and mind, you can control your reality.

In the first module for Dr. Pillai’s yearlong Mystery School Program, he revealed a technique he had only discovered just prior to recording the webcast. The revelation was about a specific, “miracle” light-frequency, and how to use it through the power of your own mind. Below are some of the key benefits highlighted by Dr. Pillai:

“You’re about to learn a new technique that will help you to transform your body and your mind. A technique that was discovered only recently.

  • It can give you a super mind and the highest intelligence that is possible.
  • It can diffuse and resist diseases, as well as evolve the body.
  • It can diffuse the memories stored in your DNA responsible for aging.
  • It is nuclear medicine of the highest order.
  • It not only affects your physical body, but your astral and causal bodies as well.
  • Easily, without concentration, it can take you to another realm. That is the power and beauty of this technique, compared to other techniques.
  • All this can be done through this one, simple technique. You will see that problems are being solved quite easily and effortlessly. You can do whatever you want to do using this miraculous light.”


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  1. Panndappashri (verified owner)

    it is very effective and good program

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