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Miracle Powers, Enlightenment, & Divine Grace in 2023: Fundamental


“The truth of the matter is, it’s very easy to manifest your thoughts. I can answer it in one sentence. Keep on thinking these thoughts over and over and over and over again.”


Dr. Pillai teaches that his birthday is a rebirth for him which he can pass on to those who connect with him during this special time. For 2023, he has been Divinely inspired to give initiations and empowerment related to Siddhi (supernatural) powers, enlightenment, and the compassionate grace of Karuppaswamy, the performer God of justice and miracles. Join him and the Pillai Center team for teachings, sacred ceremonies, and miracles.

What You Receive:

  • Live Siddhi Powers Empowerment with Dr. Pillai
  • Birthday Rameshwaram Astral Travel & Virtual Darshan (Transmission of Energy) – Replay 
  • Avatar Aarti Pooja with Sucharita – Replay