Muruga: Pleiadian God of Wisdom

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“He came out of the third eye of Shiva. What is the third eye? The third eye is the pineal gland. What can the pineal gland do? The pineal gland can take you to a different dimension of understanding. The third eye is the “eye of wisdom”, and it gives you Omniscience. You can know everything if the third eye is open.” ~Dr. Pillai

“If you have Muruga’s Grace, you will get into Miracles instantaneously.”

– Dr. Pillai




Receive Initiation to Birth Muruga Within

In this program Muruga: Pleiadian God of Wisdom, you will receive access to 3 modules that will teach you how to birth Muruga and give you access to his power.


Module 1: Introduction to Muruga

Receive an introduction to the Muruga Archetype where you will learn:

  • Muruga’s legend
  • His symbols
  • And in-depth astrological information about his powertimes.

Module 2: Dr. Pillai Lecture and Initiation

Access a webcast from Dr. Pillai where you receive:

  • Teachings from Dr. Pillai to access Muruga’s power
  • Initiation into four mantras
    • Mantra 1 – Can give you access to the sum total of intelligence for automatic intuition and ability to command reality
    • Mantra 2 – Can give you Muruga’s brain, activating super-intelligence, non-depleting joy, and freedom from thinking and forgetting
    • Mantra 3 – Can give you access to Muruga’s wisdom, powers, and your ability to see him
    • Mantra 4 – Can give you Muruga’s primordial intelligence to know things instantaneously without words or symbols
  • Three progressive daily practice guides from beginner to advanced
  • And audio and transcript downloads

Module 3: Bonus Information

In the bonus module you will receive:

  • A Muruga Quick Guide with tips on how to access him
  • And supplementary videos and audios including:
    • Muruga’s mantra for removing obstacles and creating unlimited positivity
    • Muruga’s mantra for immortality
    • A guided meditation on Muruga’s psychic weapon Vel
    • And more information about Muruga’s powertimes and Archetype

“If you have Muruga’s Grace, you will get into Miracles instantaneously.”

– Dr. Pillai