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Navaratri 2023 Virtual Experience: Goddess Channeling Session + Workshops


“The Goddesses don’t belong to the Earth plane. They come from their own galaxies. The Goddesses are real. She comes and gives you miraculous powers. And she is within every one of us.” — Dr. Pillai

Experience a direct channeling of messages from the Goddess, with expert guidance to apply her wisdom to your life.  Additionally, uncover insights about your personal Goddess, who is closely connected to you and/or best suited to address your individual needs.

Participate in Group Coaching Workshops to foster your unique relationship with your personal Goddess & receive Dr. Pillai’s exclusive teachings on connecting with her energy and accessing her support & blessings on a daily basis.

*You are welcome to prepare your own questions for the Goddess. However, Please note that communication received will contain areas and blessings identified by the Goddess, based on Her all-knowing divine wisdom.

*Her responses are typically brief, as She shares Her blessings and messages with Her children.

What You Receive:

  • One 45-Minute Personalized Goddess Channeling Session & Consultation with Kalkidas
  • 4 Weekly Group Experiential Goddess Workshops