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Walk with God in 2021: Essentials


Access Divine Power to Change Your Destiny and Manifest Faster

2021 is the Time of God

“After a troublesome 2020, everyone longs for a different 2021. This is indeed the time of God. We have, because of our civilization giving importance to rationality too much, have killed our sensibility to God experience. It is not that God is not there. He is always there in you and around you”

We Need God

“We need God, which is beyond our rational mind, which gives us intuition. I am going to teach you how, to acknowledge first, the existence of God, then use it in your daily life. God is in us and around us. I am going to teach you techniques to stay focused on the God who is outside, and also inside, and how to be in touch with him all the time.

You can hold his hand and then walk, he will lead you. But, nobody has told us that we can do this. We have not been trained. The moment you begin to put your attention outside you and inside you, and look for God, God is there. He will communicate with you in a miraculous way.”

Live a Life Filled with the Spirit of God

“2021 will be different because of our relationship with God. It will be a life filled with the Spirit, with God, that is going to change our life on an individual basis and also for the world.”

In this exciting new program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase your material wealth
  • Enjoy harmonious relationships
  • Rejuvenate your body and mind
  • Experience your divine nature

This program includes: 

  • Live Initiation & Teaching with Dr. Pillai on New Year’s Day 
  • Lifetime Program Access on Membership Site

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