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Pentecostal Program: The Descent of the Holy Spirit: LEVEL II Payment Plan

$177.00 / month for 2 months

Starting with the live Pentecost Day Initiation, you have the opportunity to receive Darshan (spiritual energy) from Dr. Pillai during a potent powertime for connecting with the Holy Spirit in multiple spiritual traditions. 

The subsequent live session with Dr. Pillai, immersion sessions with Pillai Center Master Teachers will build on the energy of the initiation to bring you ever closer to being, as Dr. Pillai says, “able to understand the dynamics of performing miracles with the help of the Holy Spirit.”

NOTE: *Mystery School 2022 Fundamental and Premier Members will receive the Pentecostal Program Level II as Dr. Pillai’s free gift and a prelude to Mystery School 2022.  There is nothing you need to do to enroll.  The program will be added to your Pillai Center Academy account.

“Jesus, Swami Ramalingam, the Buddha and other Gods are different forms and manifestations of the One Unnamable God assuming different names and forms.” – Dr. Pillai

What you Receive:

  • Anointing with Dr. Pillai on the Pentecost, June 5 (Replay)
  • Anointing with Dr. Pillai on June 19 (Replay)
  • 2 Coaching Session with Pillai Center Master Coach Meena (Replay)
  • 4 Immersive Session with Mohini (Replay)

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