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Time Your Success: Level 1


“The key to success and happiness is managing good and bad time.”- Dr. Pillai

The Time Your Success System is a program commissioned by Dr. Pillai to help you become aware of the effects of the planets on your life, and teach you how to use their energetic support to achieve success and maximize the outcome of your goals. 

The Fundamental level is designed to assess your personal astrology and give you a general overview of your planetary placements, how they can impact you in 2023, and how to utilize their support to reach your goals.


On-Demand Group Astro-Coaching Session 

An Astrology Coach explains how to use your personal astrology to improve your life and reach all your goals. This session helps you understand the qualities of each Planetary Hora (hour) and when they occur, and identifies the most beneficial actions for you during the powertime of each planet.

You will be able to:  

  • Take the most powerful actions to reach your goals faster with the help of your good planets  
  • Improve your bad planets  
  • Receive life-changing remedies to get the life you want 
  • Correctly time your actions

What You Receive:

  • On-Demand Group Astro-Coaching Session