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Skanda Shasti 2022: Premier


The six days time period of Skanda Shasti marks the literal descent of the energy of Muruga who is associated with the opening of the 3rd eye and also the dissolution of karma as far as the human race is concerned.” – Dr. Pillai

Praising Muruga on Skanda Shasti through poojas helps to invoke his presence and establish a deep spiritual connection with devotees. The ceremonies will be performed so you can participate at home and by a trained Pillai Center teacher.  

On the 6th and final night of Shanda Skasti 2022, Dr. Pillai will give initiation into Muruga.

What You Receive:

  • Dr. Pillai’s 6th Night Muruga Initiation – Replay
  • 6 Nightly Sound & Light Ceremonies (Poojas) – Replay
  • Dr. Pillai’s Sacred Theater Session – Replay