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Specialty Fire Lab with Beth: 9 Sessions


“We are at the verge of the age of light. These karmas can be easily cleared in their window of opportunity to not only rid yourself of negativity but to establish your dreams in a glorious future of unbounded awareness.
What’s different? The infusion of the God or Goddess into your body so you have the vital force to maximize the Golden Age time” – Beth

Kamadhenu and Nambu Kali Fire Lab & Intercession with Beth (Gita)

Join a Golden Age Fire Lab calling on the Divine Intervention of Nambu Kali and Kamadhenu for removal of suffering and negativity in your life.

Beth has been gifted to channel the beautiful feminine energy of Nambu Kali who can relieve suffering of all kinds – particularly health – with her all-pervasive motherly love.

She is also blessed with the ability to commune with Kamadhenu, who helps get rid of persistent, negative thought patterns that can slow down progress.