Thai Poosam 2024: Fundamental


“The Star called ‘Pushya’ (Poosam) is a very important Star. It is on this Star that Lord Siva came to this Earth Plane and Swami Ramalingam turned his body into light and disappeared. The Star is also sacred for Muruga, the Pleiadian God for Enlightenment and the 3rd Eye. Pushya comes every month. One particular Pushya in the Tamil month called ‘Thai’ is very important; it is the Full Moon Time. Pushya is ruled by Saturn, so you can accomplish a lot of things during this time – there will be a lot of blessings.” — Dr. Pillai



An Initiation from an enlightened master is a powerful process that can allow you to access divine consciousness. Dr. Pillai imparts his in-the-moment divinely-inspired wisdom to initiate you into Swami Ramalingam’s consciousness during his birthday powertime. This experience is designed to help you activate your light body and access omniscience to aid in freedom from suffering and ignorance. 

What You Receive:

  • Dr. Pillai’s Ascension Day Light Body Initiation