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Time Line Jumping


Courses Included

Do you feel stuck in your relationship, career, financial situation or other area of life?  Do you feel like life just happens to you?  As if nothing is under your control?

Take control of your destiny and access a better future in the Now with Dr. Pillai’s Timeline Jumping program.

Timeline Jumping is designed to deliver teachings and techniques that, when practiced regularly, have the power to free you from the constraints of your past and your current destiny, or “Timeline”, allow you to “Timeline Jump” – change your destiny – and instantly manifest anything in the Now.

“The only way to influence your future is to be in the now.” – Dr. Pillai

The future doesn’t exist, ONLY the present moment does.

It is from this present moment that you can access a new Timeline. By taking control of your thoughts, actions and emotions, you ultimately take responsibility for your life and actively participate in its creation, regardless of your past experiences.

This is Timeline Jumping.

Through a comprehensive new understanding of time, combined with daily meditation practices and techniques, Dr. Pillai’s Timeline Jumping Program allows you to access alternate destinies that are simultaneously available to you at any given moment, so you can manifest a better life from a place that is precisely in the Now.

The complete Timeline Jumping program includes:

  • 5 Timeline Jumping modules, including:
    • Foundational Teachings
    • Effective Goal Setting
    • Time Management Tools
    • How to Diffuse Negative Habits
    • How to Activate Your Daily Practice
  • 3 Meditations
  • 7 Mantras
  • Video and Text Companions
  • Bonus Audio Teachings on How to Use Horas and ‘Process Meditation’
  • The Technology of Time Quick Reference Guide

We all have a Timeline. Most people are experiencing their probable Timeline, the one they are born into, one that is based mainly on their perceived limitations, and parental and societal conditioning.

Regardless of your past mistakes or current misfortunes, Timeline Jumping allows you to actively participate in how you experience the Now, allowing you the freedom to manifest a new destiny.

“If you do these techniques the way I have described them in the program, I promise you – I guarantee you – your life will change. Your destiny will change.” –Dr. Pillai

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