Ultimate Teachings Masterclass Audio Program


Experience the Quintessence of Forty Years of Teaching Experience

Dr. Pillai revealed his latest teachings in a live masterclass on August 15, 2015; teachings that represent the culmination of Dr. Pillai’s 40-year Spiritual Journey.



“I thought my teaching career was over after teaching for four decades and I had no new content or ideas to explore.  A miracle happened, and I realized that I have just started to understand the secret of life, health, wealth, and success.  This new understanding is what I call my Ultimate Teachings.” – Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai’s Ultimate Teachings Masterclass Audio Program gives you power-packed audio downloads and pdf companion documents that can help you:

  • Master the Now: Activate the Midbrain and the Pineal Gland to Experience the Now
  • Master the Power to Overcome Negative Forces: Combat Psychological, Physical, and Metaphysical Manifestations of Negativity
  • Master Faith, the Door to Miracles: Activate Pineal Breathing and the Holy Spirit Archetype
  • Master Your Soul Consciousness: Awaken Your Light Body to Experience Delimitation, Freedom, and Instantaneous Manifestation

For each topic, you will receive a video excerpt from Dr. Pillai’s live Ultimate Teachings Masterclass, as well as audio teachings and meditations to help you create your daily meditation practice. Dr. Pillai has one primary purpose in making this audio program available: he wants you to experience and perform miracles in your life.