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World Wealth Day Event with Dr. Pillai: Fundamentals


Dr. Pillai has been inspired by the Divine to perform a fire ritual and share teachings on World Wealth Day, 2021. Dr. Pillai teaches that rituals are more powerful than meditation and among rituals, the fire ritual is supreme. Join Dr. Pillai as he invokes key Archetypes through the medium of the fire to bring their blessings for participants and all of humanity. You will have the opportunity to receive Darshan empowerment by watching the fire in real-time, as well as in-the-moment teachings from Dr. Pillai. Each person who joins will amplify the potential benefits for everyone.


“Like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, there is a Wealth day. The Wealth day this year is May 14. It is a very special day. I want to declare it is World Wealth Day, and we will celebrate it.” – Dr. Pillai

According to Vedic Astrology, May 14 is an extraordinary alignment of 5 wealth powertimes, 3 of which happen just once in a year. Because of this, there is an incredible opportunity available to accelerate wealth manifestation unlike any other day in 2021. By observing this time, there is a potential for life-changing benefits that can impact your entire year and beyond.

To better understand how powerful this day is, read about the significance of the 5 different powertimes:

  1. Akshaya Tritiya – acquire non-depleting wealth consciousness
  2. Sun in Taurus – be blessed with financial intelligence and energy
  3. Venus in Taurus – gain grace for luxury, comforts, and material pleasures
  4. Vishnupati – receive miracles from the Lord of Wealth
  5. Friday – access amplified blessings from the Goddess of Wealth

What You Receive:

  • World Wealth Day Interactive Fire Lab and Teachings with Dr. Pillai
  • Access to Replay


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