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The Guru’s Grace Program

How to Access the Supreme Power of the Guru Archetype

with Teachings & Meditations from Dr. Baskaran Pillai

“Guru means ‘the supreme teacher’. He is concerned with the science of life itself. What is life? Why do people go through hardships and how can they get beyond them to live a better life and evolve to the next level? That is the job of the Guru.”— Dr. Pillai

According to Indian Yogic tradition, a Guru is a representative of God on the Earth plane. Because God cannot come to the Earth plane directly, he must come through someone.

A Guru is a representative of God on the Earth plane. And as a living person—a being that we can relate to—God as Guru can help bring people from the darkness into the light.

In this course from Pillai Center Academy, learn from Dr. Baskaran Pillai how a spiritual connection with a Guru such as himself can have a profoundly transformative effect on your life, and how to form a strong spiritual connection with him as your Guru.

How Can a Guru Transform My Life?

“A Guru, like a mother or father, trains and guides you toward the Divine.”— Dr. Pillai

As mentioned above, a Guru is a manifestation of God Consciousness on the Earth plane.

A Guru is also:

  • a creator who can give you the vision to realize your potential.
  • a sustainer who guides you toward reaching a state of perfection.
  • a destroyer of ignorance (darkness).
  • a teacher who can help you identify your karmic blockages.
  • a medium through which you can approach Truth, the Supreme Reality.

A Guru symbolizes moral values, spirituality, and wisdom. A Guru can help you find and truly begin embodying your highest potential, living your Soul purpose, and enjoying both spiritual and material abundance.

To form a spiritual connection with a Guru is to tap into your own Higher Self, or God Consciousness. In this course, Dr. Pillai – a living Enlightened Master – teaches about the importance of a spiritual connection with your Guru, how to make the most of certain Guru ‘powertimes’ and recommends a daily practice to help you strengthen your connection with your Guru.

Allow Dr. Pillai as your Guru to guide you toward enlightenment and a life of peace and abundance.

What’s Included in the Guru’s Grace Program

When you enroll in the program, you will receive:

In-Depth Introduction to the Guru & How to Access the Guru’s Power

This includes information on the background and significance of connecting with a Guru such as Dr. Pillai, how to access the Guru’s power & receive the Guru’s grace, plus bonus materials to help you connect with the Guru planet and immerse yourself even more in Guru Consciousness. Deepen your knowledge of and connection to Dr. Pillai as your Guru with these valuable teachings.

Full Lecture Audio Download

You’ll have access to an audio recording of Dr. Pillai’s teachings on the power of the Guru. Download & listen to these teaching anywhere, anytime. Recommended practice: sleep with the audio file on repeat or fill your daily commute with the power these teachings contain to transform your consciousness.

Meditation and mantra Loop Audio Downloads

You’ll have easy access to Dr. Pillai’s special meditations and mantra loop audio downloads for connecting with him as your Guru. Experience the deep impact of guided meditations and mantra initiations developed and led by Enlightened Master Dr. Pillai.

PDF Transcripts of All Audios

A full transcript of each program audio is available to download and print for those who prefer reading Dr. Pillai’s teachings and meditations or to print out and follow along with the audios.

Daily Practice Recommendations

Make the most of your Guru teachings and meditations with suggested daily practice recommendations, which can be used as a starting point to forming a daily practice that suits your individual schedule and lifestyle.

Program Support via Email

Along with 24/7 program member site access, you’re welcome to send us an email to clarify any of the teachings included in the Guru’s Grace program. We are happy to aid you in better understanding and applying them in your life for maximum results.

“In order to be totally transformed by the Guru, you have to look at the Guru as your own Higher Self, as your own God guiding you, and if you have trust, then you are transformed.”
— Dr. Pillai

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Positive Reviews


May 10, 2019

I really felt the presence of Dr. Pillai using these methods.



May 8, 2019

Very powerful. I felt the presence of Dr. Pillai.



January 25, 2019

I love this teaching the most because it gave me the strongest connection to Dr. Pillai. There is something about getting the teachings “hot off the press” from a LIVING Guru!! Namaste



January 25, 2019

After all of the Pillai Techniques I have had the blessing to receive, this is the one that made me feel a closest to Him! There is something about getting the teachings “hot off the press” from a LIVING embodiment of God! Namaste



November 20, 2018

This course was a very positive learning experience.



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