The Guru’s Grace Program


“Guru means ‘the supreme teacher’. He is concerned with the science of life itself. What is life? Why do people go through hardships and how can they get beyond them to live a better life and evolve to the next level? That is the job of the Guru.”— Dr. Pillai


How a spiritual connection with a Guru such as himself can have a profoundly transformative effect on your life, and how to form a strong spiritual connection with him as your Guru – learn from Dr. Baskaran Pillai in this course from Pillai Center Academy – The Guru’s Grace Program

Allow Dr. Pillai as your Guru to guide you toward enlightenment and a life of peace and abundance.




The Grace of a Guru Can Transform Your Life!

According to Indian Yogic tradition, a Guru is a representative of God on the Earth plane. Because God cannot come to the Earth plane directly, he must come through someone.

A Guru is a representative of God on the Earth plane. And as a living person—a being that we can relate to
God as Guru can help bring people from the darkness into the light.

To form a spiritual connection with a Guru is to tap into your own Higher Self, or God Consciousness. In this course, Dr. Pillai – a living Enlightened Master – teaches about the importance of a spiritual connection with your Guru, how to make the most of certain Guru ‘powertimes’ and recommends a daily practice to help you strengthen your connection with your Guru.

What’s Included in The Guru’s Grace Program:

When you enroll in The Guru’s Grace Program, you will receive:

  • In-Depth Introduction to the Guru & How to Access the Guru’s Power
  • Full Lecture Audio Download
  • Meditation and mantra Loop Audio Downloads
  • PDF Transcripts of All Audios
  • Daily Practice Recommendations
  • Program Support via Email

“A Guru, like a mother or father, trains and guides you toward the Divine.” — Dr. Pillai