Awakened Warrior


Awaken Your Inner Spiritual Warrior. Within Pillai Center Academy’s Awakened Warrior course, you are presented with the opportunity to awaken to your full Divine potential.



“It is the will of Muruga to reveal himself as a friend to humanity and to help you evolve from a flesh-and-blood-based consciousness to a consciousness that is Pure Light.” – Dr. Pillai

Within Pillai Center Academy’s Awakened Warrior course, you are presented with the opportunity to awaken to your full Divine potential.  Dr. Pillai shares teachings, techniques, and empowerments in a 6-part webcast series dedicated to connecting with the spiritual warrior archetype Muruga, and accessing his blessings for a conflict-free, enlightened life.

The teachings and techniques in this course can help you graciously attract the right relationships, fiercely destroy debts, diseases, and enemies, boost your self-esteem, and more…

He says: “In this course, I did something very different.  Muruga facilitated the process and spoke through me.  At every step, he guided me with the topic that I should talk about, the problems that will be solved, and the tools that he needs people to have for a higher state of consciousness.

“As I said, this was not my doing. I did it in complete ease and effortlessness, and with a great amount of joy, because there is nothing that I did in that program that can be traced back to my ego. It was completely ego-free. I was only the channel through which Muruga flowed and reached out to you.”

The 6 Topics Given to Dr. Pillai from Muruga are:

  1. Opening the Sacred Heart: How to open yourself up to Muruga so he can play a vital role in guiding you as he has been guiding Dr. Pillai.
  2. Symbols of Muruga: How to connect with him through his symbols, and access his energy for enlightenment, karma removal, and opening the third eye.
  3. Special Intelligence: How Muruga can help you access unlearned intelligence (intuition) through the dissolution of both knowledge and ignorance.
  4. Stilling the Mind: How he can help you end duality and access unity consciousness to experience your true Divine nature.
  5. Overcoming Maya: How Muruga can help you dissolve your mayic (illusionary) perception to create a fulfilling, enlightened lifestyle.
  6. The Sacred Feminine: Revelations on the secret to attaining the highest intelligence and accessing the power of OM.

With your enrollment in Awakened Warrior, you will receive:

  • 24/7 online course access
  • 6 recorded webcasts packed with transformational tools, techniques, and tips
  • Audio teachings and meditations
  • PDF transcripts of all audios and videos
  • Guidelines to help you stay on track