Single Reading Package


$150 savings upto April 30

“With a tremendous amount of power for mostly human problems, Karuppaswamy is here to help people solve their problems, and he’s a righteous God. He is intolerant of injustice and diseases, and he insists on results and delivers.” — Dr. Pillai



This experience is designed as an exclusive opportunity to help you connect deeply with Karuppaswamy on a personal level to receive his guidance, solutions, and blessings for your unique problems. you will receive expert support, guidance and powerful sacred remedies to help you maximize the potential of this precious time and navigate this transformative experience with clarity and effectiveness.

What You Receive:

  • 1 Kalki Karuppaswamy Channeling Consultation
  • 1 Individual Karuppaswamy Fire Lab
  • 1 Personal Prayer Request and Offering To Kalki Karuppaswamy
  • Group Food Feeding – Feed 27 people in Need