Dr. Pillai’s 2024 Birthday Program | Science & Miracles of Manifestation: Fundamental


“Planet Earth is going through a tremendous change. The change is going to affect the planet in many different ways…The solution is already at the level of heaven; it has already been given. What is the solution? That we will begin to understand the soul itself.”  — Dr. Pillai



Dr. Pillai’s 2024 Birthday Program offers insights into the science of manifestation through live monthly sessions, workshops, and advanced remedies. Centered around Dr. Pillai’s birthday, it provides a unique opportunity to receive his divine transmission, Darshan, enhancing spiritual and material transformation.

His live birthday initiation session delves into the quantum mind, offering guidance on obtaining fruitful and intelligent thoughts through a combination of science and divine intervention, emphasizing the power of prayer, devotion, and faith.

What You Receive:

  • Dr. Pillai’s Birthday Initiation: Quantum Creating with the God Mind (Replay)