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Dr. Pillai’s Destiny Changing Darshan


Dr. Pillai has made available several offerings to help you make the most of Ganesha’s 2020 birthday, but his Ganesha birthday Initiation is the most significant of all.


Receive Initiation into Ganesha’s “Most Powerful” Mantra 

Of all of Ganesha’s mantras, his mula mantra is the most powerful, according to Dr. Pillai. Mula means foundational or fundamental. A mula mantra is made of a series of sounds which are considered to be the core sounds behind the beings intelligence and power.

Dr. Pillai teaches that Ganesha’s mula mantra gives the following benefits:

  • It carries millions of angels from different universes. 
  • Gives the right desire and will power
  • Provides protection to sustain what you created
  • Bestows enlightenment
  • Contains a sound “as powerful as Om” that gives wealth
  • Gives form to your thoughts and activates your pineal gland for manifestation
  • Bestows infinite intelligence and God’s creative power
  • Transforms your mind into a super mind
  • Gives you control over matter
  • Provides liberation from the senses so that you can be in continuous union with God
  • Gives you the spiritual gift to control everyone and everything within and outside and also attract them


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