Living Ganesha: Ganesha’s Astral Body Empowerment


OHM Maha Ganapataye Namaha Nirvignam Kuru Kuru 

Ganesha’s Astral Body Empowerment: Acquire the Power of Your Astral Body (Invisible World, Chakras, Astral Travel) 

“This webcast is about how Ganesha empowers your astral body. Now that we are stuck with the physical body, we do not think that there are other bodies. There are several other bodies we have, all of them are generally called the ‘astral body.’ The astral body is your real body. It cannot be seen by your physical eyes. You have to be taught a particular meditation through which you can see the chakras. The chakras are in the astral body. The astral body gives you access to the invisible world, astral travel, etc. I will talk about that and give meditations.” – Dr. Pillai