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Dr. Pillai’s New Year Program: Awaken Your Soul in 2024 | 3-Month Personalized Coaching Program Payment Plan

$1,098.00 / month for 3 months

“This is a very crucial time. We have the chance for liberation at this time. We should accept that liberation. What’s important is the coming Golden Age. We should use it well.” — Dr. Pillai

Participate in a transformative program led by Dr. Pillai, featuring key sessions such as “Soul Awakening Day,” where Dr. Pillai shares divinely inspired guidance to embrace enlightenment during the Golden Age. The New Destiny Activation teaching provides in-the-moment divine revelations for inviting support into your life on the path to transformation. Your Group Session dissects Dr. Pillai’s teachings and offers practical strategies for daily incorporation into your life. 

The Gold Consciousness Fire Lab with Swarna Bhairavi aligns with the Spiritual New Year during the Vedic Winter Solstice, utilizing the Sun’s energy to promote health and confidence.

Your comprehensive coaching package includes three personalized consultations with experienced Pillai Center coach Kalkidas Siddhar, personalized archetype readings connecting with Karuppasamy or Goddess Kali, and an Astrology Immersion featuring a personalized chart reading, a prescribed fire lab, and Nadi readings with remedies that meet your specific needs. Additionally, two Astro Planning Coaching Sessions help align your goals with celestial influences for the upcoming year. The program incorporates a 9-Planet Fire Lab and daily 9-Planet Poojas for 60 days, aiming to enhance positive planetary influences for a harmonious and prosperous life.

What You Receive:

  • Soul Awakening Day: Session with Dr. Pillai
  • New Destiny Activation: Session with Dr. Pillai 
  • 2 Mini Fire Labs with Dr. Pillai
  • Group Support Session with Mohini 
  • Gold Consciousness Fire Lab with Swarna Bhairavi 
  • 3 Individual Coaching Consultations
  • Personalized Archetype Reading
  • Personalized Astrology Reading
  • Prescribed Astrology Fire Lab
  • Nadi Reading & Prescribed Remedies
  • 2 Astro Planning Coaching Sessions
  • 9-Planet Fire Lab
  • BONUS: 4 Weekly Group Immersion Sessions with Sucharita