Golden Star Coaching: Level 3 (6 Months)


A 200% Life is 100% Material and 100% Spiritual. That will be a balanced approach to wealth, and life as it is. — Dr. Pillai



The Golden Star Coaching Program is a transformative opportunity to create a 200% life in 2024, encompassing both spiritual and material abundance. The program, now in its 5th year, empowers individuals to re-create their lives from a higher spiritual perspective. This experience offers techniques and teachings in several key areas:

Redefine Your Personal Destiny: Break free from repetitive patterns and karmic limitations to create a new, abundant life.

Create with the Quantum Mind: Learn to harness the power of super thoughts and manifest them effectively through Siddhi techniques.

Awaken to Fullness: Discover your true state of fullness and experience a state of light and bliss through specialized meditation processes.

Empower Your Personal Archetypes: Tap into the power of your Soul by identifying and connecting with divine archetypes and hidden potentials within your Soul through personalized mantras and sacred geometry.

Activate Your Subtle Body: Awaken the chakras within your subtle body to unlock latent power for life transformation.

Your coach in the program, Kalkidas Siddhar, has been personally trained by Dr. Pillai to mentor individuals in their journey toward a 200% life of prosperity and enlightenment. Participants will have the opportunity to receive private coaching, benefit from success pooja ceremonies tailored to their goals and projects, and sponsor food feedings at sacred vortexes.

In the Advanced level, you will receive the most in-depth and specialized lessons on Enlightenment and consciousness mastery available in the program. This level is designed for an immersive experience in spiritual life transformation. 

Limited spots are available, so we encourage you to secure your spot in this transformational coaching program.

What You Receive:

  • 24 Private Coaching Sessions with Kalkidas Siddhar with advanced lessons on enlightenment and consciousness mastery (Four per Month)
  • 24 Success Pooja Ceremonies (Four per Month)
  • 2 Grand Food Feedings