Karuppasamy and Goddess Kali Readings with Kalkidas Siddhar: Online Session


You can request an online Karuppasamy (Kalki-Krishna) reading or a Goddess Kali reading from Kalkidas Siddhar.

“Kali is the Mother Goddess who is a punisher and establishes Dharma, righteousness. She destroys evil, whether [it is] diseases, poverty, or any problems you encounter.” – Dr. Pillai

“Karuppasamy delivers because he is close to the Earth plane and he is concerned about the problems of people, [like] lack of money, lack of relationships, and so forth. Karuppasamy runs to solve the problems.” – Dr. Pillai



Kalkidas Siddhar (Sunny), a blessed conduit of the Divine trained by Dr. Pillai, will facilitate a sacred channeling session where he will contact the Goddess Kali or Karuppasamy on your behalf to receive their messages of invaluable insights and blessings.

He will explain your reading and recommend ways of receiving blessings from Goddess Kali and Karuppasamy.

What you receive

  • 30 minute online session