Manifest Your 200% Life Program LITE


June 7 through June 25 is a special cosmic alignment that supports creating a 200% life – 100% spiritual and 100% material abundance. To help you accomplish this, Dr. Pillai is offering the opportunity to benefit from teachings and initiations he will be providing in month one of his Mystery School program.



In this program, you will join Dr. Pillai for two initiations targeted to help you create a 200% life. Each session will have a specific focus that aligns with the powertime Dr. Pillai selected for delivering the session.

Recap of Session one focus on erasing your bad karma. Dr. Pillai explains:

“I will teach you how to erase your karma and some techniques. I have done many karma removal techniques, not that they are not valid today, but I will throw more insight into those techniques. We have the ability to choose if we do not want this relationship, this poverty – make a commitment and I will teach you how we can erase that. That will be the first part of the program.”

Session two will build on session one by teaching you how to rebuild your life with what you want. Dr. Pillai explains:

“The second part of the program will be rebuilding your life, which is how to think very fruitful, productive thoughts, and how to take them deep.”


What you receive:

  • Session 1 (Recap): Erase Karma and Suffering Mindset
    June 7: 13th Moon Pradosham + Bharani Star + Sun in Taurus ($250 Value)
  • Session 2: Rewrite Your Material and Spiritual Mindset
    June 23: Full Moon + Sun in Gemini ($250 Value)