Muruga Immersion Program

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According to the Siddhas, raising your Kundalini and opening your 3rd Eye is vital to achieving enlightenment, and the Archetype Muruga plays a primary role in this process.



The Muruga Immersion Program

Receive 6 Kinds of Initiations to Realize Your Divine Power


Dr. Pillai originally channeled this program Divinely at Muruga’s Swamimalai powerspot, where Muruga is said to have taught the secrets of OM to his father, Shiva.

In the program, you have the opportunity to receive 6 different kinds of initiations targeted to bestow all-around karmic cleansing, healing and rejuvenation, and enlightened-empowerment, including:

  1. Third Eye initiations
  2. Six Chakra Activation Initiations
  3. Remove Diseases and Reverse Aging Initiation
  4. Mantra for Miracle Consciousness & Supernormal Powers Initiation
  5. Psychic Weapon for Karma Removal Initiation
  6. Process to Incarnate Muruga & Destroy Demons Initiation
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