Quantum Mind Science


Only the most powerful thoughts from the Particle Mind can manifest things into existence.  With Dr. Pillai’s Quantum Mind Science course, learn practical techniques you can easily fit into your daily schedule to help you manifest your ideal physical reality.



“I highly recommend this online course because it’s going to give you a foundation of how to live life in a productive way. The course has been structured in such a way that you will learn to think properly, and that you don’t waste time but you know what results you are anticipating.” – Dr. Pillai

The Particle Mind, or particle thinking, is the ability to produce a thought at its maximum power.  Only the most powerful thoughts are able to translate themselves into physical reality.  Only the most powerful thoughts can manifest things into existence.

Dr. Pillai has developed this introductory four-week course to give you an overview of what the Particle Mind is, as well as practical techniques you can easily fit into your daily schedule to help you manifest your ideal physical reality.

Over four weeks, you will learn techniques that can help you both understand and experience the Particle Mind and apply it on a daily basis to bring about significant, measurable changes in your life.

From the beginning to the end of the course, you’ll be guided step-by-step into experiencing the subtle and intricate multidimensional realms of your Particle Mind.  Learn how to produce powerful thoughts so you, too, can manifest abundance, health, material objects, relationships… and more!

With your enrollment in the Quantum Mind Science course, you will receive:

  • Four Weekly Lessons: Including lesson plans and home study materials.
  • The Particle Mind: Dr. Pillai’s Philosophy & Foundation eBook: This valuable eBook serves as your reference guide to each weekly lesson, and reinforces the teachings presented in this and other Particle Mind courses, including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.
  • Documents: As extra support during your self-study, written materials (in pdf format) are provided to enhance your understanding of the Particle Mind experience.
  • Audios: Pillai’s discourses and 4 main spiritual tools are provided in mp3 format and are designed to guide you in your daily meditation practice.
  • Videos: Supplemental videos provided by Dr. Pillai serve to deepen your learning process through a special energy, called darshan, that he transmits during his discourses.

“Each week you will have theory and practice which will give you an understanding of what it is to think a powerful thought. And when you go out of the meditation you will have an opportunity to see how it shows up in life. Then you will become a different person because up until now we have been like a robot thinking karmic thoughts mostly unconscious. This will break our robot life and then give us a new life and that is through the Particle Mind.” – Dr. Pillai