Shreem Brzee Manifestation Program

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“Shreem Brzee is a way to gradually help you to unfold the capability of the mind to conceive. With Shreem Brzee, you’ll get the capability to conceive beyond $50,000 or beyond $100,000, or beyond a million.”  – Dr.Pillai



Learn to master the basics of manifesting wealth with Shreem Brzee. Through this program, you will become immersed in the mantra, learn its origin and significance, receive guided teachings with lesson guides, and learn how to use the mantra effectively with step-by-step guidance, interactive techniques, daily practice tools, meditations, and more to build a foundation for attracting spiritual and material abundance.

What You Receive:

  • Shreem Brzee Manifestation Program 
    • Module 1: Getting Started with Shreem Brzee
    • Module 2: Understanding Your Mindset
    • Module 3: Manifesting with Shreem Brzee
    • Module 4: 4 Teaching & Meditation Immersion Sessions
    • Downloadable Interactive Tools
      • Mantra audios with and without music
      • Meditation and teaching videos & audios
      • Lesson Guides
      • Mantra-writing worksheet
      • Goal-setting worksheet
      • Visualization exercise worksheet
      • Dynamic daily practice spreadsheet