1 Individual Benefit-Giving Fire Lab with Swamini Valli


I have been trained by Dr. Pillai to do Fire Pit Labs, and I have done over a thousand of them for various Dr. Pillai paid and free programs.

I have been blessed by Dr. Pillai to serve as a priestess doing Fire Pit Fire Labs for Pillai Center. I currently do these in New Mexico, USA in a home in an ancient spiritual vortex that has a beautiful fire place.

Dr. Pillai has great interest in people experiencing Fire Lab spiritual technology to accelerate positive and practical results. His blessing speeds up great growth and positive results for people through Fire Lab spiritual technology. He has explained it is important for us to ASK for what we want.

You will be sent the Zoom link and mantra list ahead of time. You do not have to say the mantras. That’s my job. It is ok for you to just listen to them.

After the Fire Lab is performed, I will send you a link (usually the following day) for you to download the recording to your device. That link will be good for a week.

Before the Fire Pit Fire Lab, I will talk with you about your goal or intention (sankalpa) for that Fire Lab so that you can pray with a pure, one-pointed focus. I will personalize the prayers to support your intention.”–Swamini Valli



During one-on-one interactive Fire Labs led by Priestess Swamini Valli, she invokes archetypes to give you direct assistance. You can join the session live to participate directly in the invocation, prayers, and blessings OR you can opt to have the fire lab performed on your behalf.

What to Expect During Your Fire Labs:

Duration: 40-45 minutes

Swamini Valli will channel her complete focus and attention to invoke the archetype’s energy and hear your prayers
You don’t need to attend the Fire Lab live; blessings will reach you by proxy.
If you choose to attend live, Swamini Valli will confirm your Sankalpa (strong prayers) and guide you to direct your energy effectively.

All Fire Labs not canceled or rescheduled within the required timeframe will proceed as scheduled.