1 Individual Sharaba Fire Lab for Destroying Negativity with Swamini Valli


Sharaba is a very powerful, fierce form of Shiva. Dr. Pillai has said the sounds for Sharaba are the “nuclear warhead sounds.” Sharaba can destroy demonic energies, evil eye, jealousies and strong negativities within and without.



During your one-on-one interactive Sharaba Fire Lab led by Priestess Swamini Valli, she invokes Sharaba to give you direct assistance in destroying negativity. You can join the session live to participate directly in the invocation, prayers, and blessings OR you can opt to have the Fire Lab performed on your behalf.


What to Expect During Your Fire Labs:


Duration: 40-45 minutes


Swamini Valli will channel her complete focus and attention to invoke Sharaba’s energy and hear your prayers.
You don’t need to attend the Fire Lab live. Blessings will reach you by proxy.
If you choose to attend live, Swamini Valli will confirm your Sankalpa (strong prayers) and guide you to direct your energy effectively.

All Fire Labs not canceled or rescheduled within the required timeframe will proceed as scheduled.