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Awakened Soul


Courses Included

Learn a three Step Process to Drive the Goddess of Misfortune from Your Consciousness and Awaken Your Soul.

Dr. Pillai’s Awakened Soul course is a medium through which he reveals new teachings and techniques that he delivered while in retreat at Arunachala (the mountain of fire) in Thiruvannamalai on the day of enlightenment, Deepam.

They include a three-step meditation process with powerful mantras to drive the Goddess of Poverty, the personification of your misfortune, out of your consciousness.

Dr. Pillai’s intention is to bring your body and mind into alignment with the power of your soul, so you can create perfect prosperity.


In the first half of the course, Dr. Pillai reveals some of his prophecies including what we can expect and how we will have the opportunity to benefit in the new year and beyond.

The prophecies will be primarily centered around why and how 2020 will be a year of miracles, including how science and metaphysics will be involved. Dr. Pillai will also shares his divine insights about re-activating our neurology, accessing atomic power latent within us, and how to prevent the destruction of your prosperity.

In the second half of the program, Dr. Pillai reveals a three-part meditation with mantras and mind processes to drive away misfortune and manifest perfect prosperity.

Your purchase includes:

  • Dr. Pillai’s Seminar and Meditation
  • Dr. Pillai’s Midnight Fire Lab Video
  • 31 Daily Teachings and Inspiration delivered to your inbox
  • 4 Recorded Pillai Center Teacher Calls to dive deeper into the teachings
  • Private Facebook group for community support

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