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3rd Eye Activation with Dr. Pillai: Essentials


“If you have  Muruga’s grace, you will get into miracles instantaneously.” – Dr. Pillai

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Skanda Shasti is a once-a-year powertime that spans 6 days. According to the South Indian Siddha Tradition, this is when Muruga came to the earth plane to defeat demons that no other God, Goddess, or Divine being could. There was a 6-day war that culminated on the final, 6th day when Muruga defeated the most powerful of all the demons, Surapadma. After doing so, all the Devas, or Gods and Goddesses, were freed.

For this year’s Skanda Shasti celebrations, Pillai Center is offering an initiation targeted to help you reap the highest rewards available during this once-a-year powertime.

What’s Included:

  • 1 3rd Eye Activation Live Initiations & Muruga Fire Labs with Dr. Pillai on November 20
  • Recordings of Meditations, Initiations, Mantras, and Fire Labs Edited For Your Convenience
  • Suggested Daily Practice
  • Follow Up Group Teaching Call on Special Karthigai Deepam Full Moon
  • Lifetime Access to Membership Site


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