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Bala: The Secret Siddhi Powers Goddess


“Bala Tripura Sundari is a 9-year-old Goddess. She is the one who gives you all the Siddhi Powers; Siddhi powers are Supernormal Powers.” — Dr. Pillai


According to Siddhas, Bala Tripura Sundari is considered to be one of their secretive Goddesses who bestows unmatched blessings. She is said to have been kept their secret for centuries. Many Siddhas, including the number one Siddha, Agastya, have said that without receiving Bala’s blessings, it is impossible to achieve the highest Siddhis or supernormal powers. They have unique worship methods for her and invoke her for blessings of ultimate wisdom, knowledge, wealth, power of speech, and siddhi powers.

What you receive

Dr. Pillai’s Initiation of Bala


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