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Varahi: The Performer Goddess


There is time for every Goddess to come into prominence and Varahi is the one for 2020. She came in my life in a miraculous way, and I have completely immersed myself in trying to understand her. What I have discovered is she is a performing goddess. In some cases, she performs in days or hours, but certainly not in years. She is very practical. What does she do? She is an archetype like Shreem Brzee, a wealth giving Goddess. In addition to that, she also is the Goddess who fights with your enemies and protects you. She is a protector Goddess.” — Dr. Pillai


According to Dr. Pillai, the Archetype, Lakshmi, is the personification of Shreem Brzee. In addition to Shreem Brzee, Lakshmi has other aspects as well. As the consort of Vishnu, she represents his shakti, or power. Vishnu is said to have ten primary incarnations known as ‘Dasavatar,’ with notable ones such as Rama and Krishna. His third avatar is said to be Varaha, the boar-faced God. Varahi is the consort of Varaha, or the personification of his power, and is thus considered to be an aspect of Lakshmi. Lakshmi as Varahi shares one prominent similarity with that of Shreem Brzee, which is wealth manifestation. Particularly, Varahi is said to specialize in material wealth. Dr. Pillai teaches that all the wealth of the earth plane is under her control. She is therefore considered to be the Lakshmi of worldly wealth, among other desirable intelligences and powers her Archetype is associated with.


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