Dr. Pillai 70th Birthday Teachings


Dr. Pillai’s 70th Birthday teachings webinar has been transformed into a Pillai Center Academy course that you can access anytime, complete audio downloads, PDF transcripts, recommended daily meditation practice, and more. Receive Dr. Pillai’s birthday powertime darshan (energetic transmission) for clearing old karma and creating a new destiny.



It is said that simply being in Dr. Pillai’s presence (either physically or virtually) during his birthday powertime can bring forth highly transformative changes to both your spiritual and material life.

It is also believed that an enlightened master’s darshan (energetic transmission) can transcend both time and space.

That is why we have packaged Dr. Pillai’s 70th birthday teachings webinar into a Pillai Center Academy course, for everyone to benefit from the immense spiritual empowerment he embodied at the time of the transmission.

When you enroll in this course, you will receive access to the recording of the birthday message he delivered during his 70th birthday powertime. You will also have access to everything listed below, which will aid you in setting up a daily meditation practice for continual karma removal and positive shifts in all areas of your life.



  • Video Recording of Dr. Pillai’s 70th Birthday Teachings
  • Full Teachings Audio Download
  • PDF Transcripts of All Audios
  • Daily Practice Recommendations