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Living My Lord’s Prayer


“There is no comparison of what Jesus said in his own language, Aramaic. The language itself is so spiritual, just listening to it you can get the Holy Spirit.” – Dr. Pillai

In this highly requested course, you can receive anointing into the sacred power of the Aramaic teachings of Jesus for an opportunity to receive the following benefits:

  • The experiential significance of speaking in Jesus’ original words
  • Power sounds to call upon Jesus
  • The mystical meanings of the original “Lord’s Prayer” in Aramaic
  • A guided experience of samyama, Patanjali’s supreme 4-step method of concentration, upon the key words and phrases in each line of the Aramaic Prayer to experience their unique and Divine state of consciousness and receive revelations
  • Daily practice techniques for using the Aramaic Prayer as a creative principle in your daily waking life, and to help create your dream life
  • How to perform the communion ritual to experience union with Jesus
  • Anointing with the Holy Spirit
  • And more

What You Receive

  • 6 Guided Interactive sessions with Pillai Center Master Teacher and Anointed Pastor of Religion of Religions Church Elaine Kueper (Mohini)
  • Do-It-for-Yourself Daily Practice Guidelines
  • Downloadable meditation and power sound audios, and session transcripts
  • Bonus Videos from Dr. Pillai
  • Lifetime access to all recorded content on Pillai Center Academy Membership Portal