Dr. Pillai’s 2020 Birthday Teachings


If You Were Not Able to Attend Dr. Pillai’s 2020 Birthday Teachings Live or in Person…

There is still a way to benefit from Dr. Pillai’s annual birthday powertime teachings and spiritual blessings.



Dr. Pillai’s 2020 Birthday Teachings

During his 2020 birthday powertime, Dr. Pillai transmitted teachings and darshan (spiritual blessings) from the sacred sin-dissolving vortex Rameshwaram, where he was born and spent the first eighteen years of his life.

When you enroll, you will receive recordings of each webcast session, as well as written transcripts and meditation and mantra loop audio recordings. All content, including recordings, transcripts, and supplementary teachings are housed and accessible for life on the Pillai Center Academy.


Four Recorded Teaching Calls with a Pillai Center Teacher

Also when you enroll you will have access to four recorded teaching calls with a Pillai Center Teacher. These calls will help you dive deeper into Dr. Pillai’s birthday teachings to maximize their effectiveness in changing your karma and life’s destiny.